4277 West 150th Street, Cleveland, OH 44135216-706-8787

Our Story

Featuring modern American cuisine, built upon foundations of flavor, freshness, and innovation, AMP 150 is a 200-seat restaurant and bar with an open casual feel playing upbeat rock and roll and serving tasty selections.

With a farm-to-table approach, we turn to the talents of our regional farmers and artisans to collect foodstuffs raised, crafted and harvested locally so that our dishes utilize only the most natural, farm fresh and pristine ingredients. The result is a hand crafted menu created with contemporary innovation, and deep flavors at their peak of quality.

Our menu hosts a wide array of options from snacks to small plates, large entrees, and even a multi-course tasting menu. Our guests have the option to grab something simple and quick, or enjoy a more formal experience for those special occasions.  Our passion for the seasons, and the food they bring, keeps us always searching for great new combinations. Join us! Your table is ready.